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Dec 03, 2017 | Business

Building a Web Presence, no skills required.

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Reach a Global Audience

Building a Web Presence

Establishing a web presence is the living essence of any business in the modern world. Billions of people across all age brackets use the Internet and it's the first place they'll turn for information. The Internet offers an opportunity to introduce yourself to consumers exactly when they're searching for it. Get your business online in less than 5 minutes and promote it for Free with over $500 in Marketing credits using this coupon, Click here to activate.

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A domain name is your website URL, and can be analogised to a home address. Common Top Level Domains are .com, .net and .org.

Web Hosting (a server) is space rented out where your files are stored. You can install many framework apps through an Installer which can be found in cPanel. Your files are what visitors and customers will view once they've arrived at your Domain. Files are the same as any other file you normally use such as .txt or a .gif image. The server automatically interprets these files which explain how the webpage appears.

Shared web hosting is affordable and recommended for small business websites, blogs and portfolios.

VPS hosting allows the benefits of having independent operations of a dedicated server and the cost of a shared plan. Some technical skils required. For large volumes of traffic or resource consumption.

Dedicated hosting is ideal for websites with large volumes of traffic. Dedicated hosting grants exclusive rights to that server's resources, it's also expensive and ranges anywhere from $22 to $200/mo.

What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud hosting utilizes a network of interlinking servers or data centers and is referred to as clustered hosting/enterprise hosting. It's incredibly efficient and extremely reliable. One of the advantages of cloud computing is the ability to quickly scale resources to meet demand. If your website is busy then your cloud server will automatically scale upwards to accomodate the load and vice-versa, you pay only for what is used. For large and enterprise business with thousands/millions of clients. We recommend using only the best, try this 5 star, 9.5 user rated Cloud host Click here.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files between two computers over a network. Download FileZilla for a Free open-source FTP Client.

To access your server you must login using an FTP client. Your web host will provide login information after purchase. Enter your domain name( in the 'Address' field, 'Port' is 21 by default and lastly your username and password. Once logged in you will notice many folders or a blank directory. If you've purchased shared hosting you will have to navigate to the 'public html' folder, your files should be uploaded into this directory. You can now visit your website on the world wide web! Open your browser and enter your domain. (ex:

Connect to your web server with any browser using the following format: